Journey Toward Wholeness

A transformational, healing approach to growth  •  Lainie Hinnant, MS, LCSW

Journey Toward Wholeness

A transformational, healing approach to growth  •  Lainie Hinnant, MS, LCSW

Over 25 years of experience helping people lead more fulfilling lives

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Marriage & Relationship Counseling
Divorce Recovery
Trauma & PTSD
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We are all on our own journey toward wholeness.

To support you in that journey, I bring many years of training and experience in coaching, counseling, and consulting as well as compassion and keen intuition.  That, and your ever-increasing clarity and insight, will reliably tell us where we need to go.

If we want to attain our highest potential — for caring for ourselves, our loved ones, and our world — we must learn to reclaim and care for the parts of ourselves that have retreated into shadow due to negative conditioning and trauma. 

Compassionately seen and safely held, we can discover and work with shadow parts. As these parts emerge into the light, their fear, anger, and other difficult tendencies are naturally released. Met, they appear anew as inner allies, bearing astonishing gifts and leading us, step by step, to our greater Self.

Should we work together toward this end, we will use a blend of classical, traditional, and cutting-edge techniques that draw upon years of extensive training in psychoanalytic psychotherapy, counseling, Human Design, EMDR, and other state-of-the-art modalities. 

I look forward to meeting you and all of your parts with kindness and friendship.

Lainie is a true healer!!

She has the wonderful gift of meeting a person where they are in their life and enlisting multiple techniques and approaches to move them forward to a positive and happy outcome.  Since we began working together, I have overcome many internal barriers that were keeping me from moving towards success in all aspects of my life.

~ D.A., wife, mother and small business owner