Lainie Hinnant MS, LCSW

Counseling, coaching and classes for individuals, couples and families


Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing,
there is a field.

I’ll meet you there.

~ Rumi

Over 25 years experience helping people lead more fulfilling lives

A psychotherapy, counseling and coaching practice offering individuals, couples and families a safe and supportive environment in which to:  

  • work through difficulties, transitions & challenges 
  • gain insight and improve communication in relationships
  • overcome negative energy patterns & conditioning
  • deal effectively with their own and other’s emotions

Clients find our work together helps them live more satisfying, successful, and peaceful lives, whether alone or in relationship ~ personally or professionally.

Informed by many years of experience, post-graduate training, and strong intuition, clients find our work:

  • deeply effective and  profoundly healing               
increases their self-esteem and sense of self 

  • educational, inspirational & deeply liberating
  • enhances their creativity, self-expression & performance

Journey Together

I can offer you knowledge and powerful tools with which to reclaim your own power and appreciate who you really are.  My clients consistently say the work is life-transforming, full of promise, realized potential and positive energy.

“Love yourself” can become more than just an old adage. It can become your fundamental experience. Then that love can inform and gift the rest of your life and all of the people within it.

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