an organically integrated approach

Throughout my professional career, my goal has always been to help free my clients from suffering and give them the tools they can use to help themselves.  I have been passionate about finding the most effective methods to facilitate optimal growth.

I have trained extensively in modalities that I was intuitively drawn to as they mirrored insights I was gaining in my relationships with my clients, my friends and family, and myself.

I am tremendously grateful for all the skills that I have gained and all my beautiful and rich human interactions over the years.  They enrich my life and, as intuitively blending streams, weave and flow throughout my practice.

Lainie helped save my soul, my sanity, my work, and my marriage.  That may sound corny but it is the truth.  If you need an intelligent voice in the wilderness of your psyche, this is the woman, coach, therapist, teacher or guide to call upon.  Intuitively, she ‘gets it’, and knows how to get you to that marvelous place where you can figure it all out for yourself.  There is no one like Lainie; she will help you make heads or tails of your lifelong (or very immediate) life challenges.  I hope she is available when you need her.  You will thank me for the rest of your life for this recommendation.
F.K., PR Consultant