Human Design

keys to unlock your full potential

Much of the Human Design aspect of my practice is geared toward helping clients gain the coaching, support, and specific knowledge they need to deeply understand their own design and to live in alignment with it.

Hardship, resistance, and difficulties can be greatly reduced when one begins living in alignment with one’s design.  Pathways to authentic happiness, satisfaction, peace, and success flow naturally when one is living authentically, according to one’s True Self. 

Human Design is a deeply transformative modality.  It can give us  keys to shift our thinking and feeling and help us achieve many of the things we desire in life.

Lainie helped me when I was at a crossroads. Not unhappy, but not passionate about anything either. I kept telling myself ‘everything was fine’. And over time, that mantra became how I treated everything – and I began to lose what was most important to me – my passion.

Lainie gently pushes you to look at what is holding you back and define it. And that’s invaluable – everyone needs someone to challenge them to be their best – even if it’s just by echoing back your own inner voice. My life has been enriched by coaching with Lainie;  and most importantly, I’m now on track for my best possible life.

~ H.G., Corporate Attorney


Working with Human Design I have seen my clients make significant positive changes in their lives, including:

  • Increased confidence
  • A more positive outlook
  • Better decision-making, personally and professionally
  • Freedom from limiting beliefs and conditioning that have held them back