“It’s amazing what one can accomplish after learning how to prioritize different facets of their life.  At first, I was a bit skeptical about coaching but found it was the best gift I could have given myself.  Lainie has a way of listening and helping you guide yourself on the path you want to be.  She helped me decide what was important, finally work through certain blocks, and really rid myself of the energy draining things in my life.  I know there are certain things I cannot change, however, what I can do is change the way I handle them.  Lainie taught me how to do this in a very caring and nurturing way, because that is the way I wanted to be treated.  I am thankful and very appreciative of the time I have worked with Lainie and feel as though this will be someone I keep in contact with for a long time. 

Thank you, Lainie!!”

— J.M.S.
Educator/School Administrator, Maryland, USA

“Every once in a while, in a lifetime of ups and downs, highs and lows, depression and sheer elation, you get lucky. What every person needs in their life is a mentor, a teacher, a friend, an intelligent voice to whisper in your ear exactly what you need to hear when the chips are down. And if you are very lucky that voice belongs to Lainie Hinnant.

Lainie helped save my soul, my sanity, my work, and my marriage. That may sound corny but it is the truth. If you need an intelligent voice in the wilderness of your psyche, this is the woman, coach, therapist, teacher or guide to call upon. Intuitively, she ‘gets it’, and knows how to get you to that marvelous place where you can figure it all out for yourself. There is no one like Lainie; she will help you make heads or tails of your lifelong (or very immediate) life challenges. I hope she is available when you need her. You will thank me for the rest of your life for this recommendation.”

— F.K.
PR Consultant , Scarsdale, New York, USA

“Lainie helped me when I was at a crossroads. Not unhappy, but not passionate about anything either. I kept telling myself ‘everything was fine’. And over time, that mantra became how I treated everything – and I began to lose what was most important to me – my passion. Lainie gently pushes you to look at what is holding you back and define it. And that’s invaluable – everyone needs someone to challenge them to be their best – even if it’s just by echoing back your own inner voice. My life has been enriched by coaching with Lainie – and most importantly, I’m now on track for my best possible life.”
– H.G.
Corporate Attorney, Virginia, USA

“I first learned about Lainie from a friend of mine who she was coaching.l I could see the benefits he was receiving, so I sought her out. I immediately found her to be gentle but firm, compassionate, and caring. She was friendly while maintaining a reassuring professionalism. Because I felt so comfortable with Lainie, I felt confident in asking my husband to join us for a relationship coaching. It was gratifying to see the safety he obviously felt with her and the work that he was willing to do with her. We both found coaching with Lainie to be safe and productive for our relationship, and empathize with each of us without taking sides. She brought a number of other skills to bear in her coaching, including her sharp intuition and her sense of humor. Both my husband and I were sad when outer circumstances ended our coaching relationship with Lainie, and I have always been grateful to her for the work we did, and think of her with great fondness. Since our experience with Lainie, I have referred my friends to her and will always continue to do so. Her gentle manner, enthusiasm, humor and compassion, together with her precise coaching skills, are a winning combination!”

— J.Y.W.
Small Business Owner, Richmond, VA, USA

“Working with Lainie over the past 7 months has been an incredible experience!! I believe strongly in a holistic approach to one’s health and well-being. Over the past 15 years, I have worked with many different types of professionals including: physical therapists, psychologists, ministers, career counselors, massage and energy therapists, physicians and chiropractors, striving to move towards optimal health and happiness in all aspects of my life. While all have contributed to my life, none have had Lainie’s breadth of knowledge and skill for integrating the whole person.

Lainie is a true healer!! She has the wonderful gift of meeting a person where they are in their life and enlisting multiple techniques and approaches to move them forward to a positive and happy outcome. Since we began working together, I have overcome many internal barriers that were keeping me from move towards success in all aspects of my life. Now I am mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually and financially better than ever before. My relationships with my husband, children and friends are much improved. I will continue to use the knowledge and work we did together to keep the momentum going in a positive direction for my family and myself.

I know if I ever need a little nudge in the right direction Lainie will be there for me by phone or net. She is a remarkable woman! Thanks for forever touching my life!

Small Business Owner, Wife & Mother, Connecticut, USA

“Lainie is a wonderful, patient listener. She encouraged me to explore personal issues, dreams, wishes, and fears in a safe and supportive atmosphere.”
– S.G.
University Professor, Virginia, USA